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Nitze-Stagen Capital Partners (NSCP) seeks to make profitable investments in local companies that contribute to placemaking by providing proprietary products and services that enhance the sustainability, workability and livability of Seattle’s commercial and residential built environment.

Nitze-Stagen Capital Partners will augment and broaden Nitze-Stagen & Co. and Daniels Real Estate’s placemaking and neighborhood revitalization mission by leveraging: 

  • the deep knowledge and expertise of Nitze-Stagen & Co. and Daniels Real Estate in Seattle’s many neighborhoods and in the development, management and restoration of its built environment, and;
  • the extensive experience of its President, Peter A. Nitze, in evaluating, managing and growing start-up, mid-size and large technology companies.

NSCP will partner with senior management in its investments to support their profitability and growth through optimizing business models and operating infrastructures, securing adequate financing and top-notch talent, and assessing their markets and how best to serve them.

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NSCP seeks investment opportunities that enable it to take an active role in the management of its portfolio companies, up to and including a controlling interest. Rather than using a fund approach, NSCP will establish separate deal structures for each investment, attracting outside capital as necessary, based on the specific characteristics of each deal.

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